how to use nuwave induction cooktop

Latest Nuwave induction cooktops are one of the finest available in the market under induction type cooktops. Induction type cooktop is slightly different than other cooktops not only in terms of its installation, its usage but also in how you do their maintenance. It’s always good to read those user nuwave pic reviews and the user manuals in detail before try your hands on it. Try to get maximum knowledge and take care of the dos and don’t’s and it will last forever. Keeping and operating an induction cooktop is very easy and requires very less maintenance.

Assembling & Installation

Before operating the induction type Glass cooktop its probably a good idea to understand its components. Induction cooktop comes with a flatbed stylishly looking glass top, its user panel or the console for controls, power supply and the magnetic coil, concealed at the bottom of the glass top. For installation, there is nothing much. You need a counter or a space in your kitchen with a culvert on which you can slide the cooktop. Arrange for a power supply near the counter for regular power supply. Make sure you have the power socket tightly plugged in. Also, check the circuit breaker to see if it can take the load.


For using the induction cooktop you need to have the right type of cookware. In general, all those pots and pans which have a ferrous element in them can be used with induction cooktops. To check, you ca try this simple trick. Attach a magnet on the cookware. You can use it if it sticks. Try not to use the same type of utensil with the induction cooktop while cooking since anything that can conduct electricity can be tricky. Right choice would be to use wood, plastic or silicon type utensils. Also while cooking in induction cooktop make sure you are not wearing any accessories on your hands that can induct the electricity. Although they are safe and once you lift the pot cooktop shuts down but it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning an induction cooktop as compare to other especially the gas cooktops is very easy. Induction cooktop comes with a flat glass bed which can be replaced as well if and when needed. However, after cooking, wait for a little while till the surface cools down and then you can take a piece of cloth wet it with soap or any detergent and wipe off the glass surface clean. However, make sure not to use too much water while cleaning to avoid the water droplet from weeping underneath into the circuitry of the cooktop.